What is EM•1®?


EM•1® is a NATURAL PRODUCT prepared with efficient microorganisms that accelerate the natural decomposition of organic matter. The microorganisms in EM•1® are beneficial and highly efficient. These microorganisms are not harmful, not pathogenic, not genetically modified, not chemically synthesized. They are well known natural microorganisms such as yeasts and the lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus) that promote the process of beneficial antioxidative fermentation, accelerate the decomposition of organic matter and promote the balance of the microbial flora.


Welcome to the official portal of EM Technology™ in Latin America.

EM Technology™ is economically feasible, safe, easy to use, of high quality and produce sustainable results en the control of bad odors, good hygene, waste management, the reduction of cost and the increase in productivity of the different productive activities.

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