Uses and Applications of EM•1®


As mentioned before, EM•1® can be used in diverse areas. Following is the use of EM™ in the principal areas of Latin America taking into consideration that EM™ is less known for its uses in our countries in the areas of civil construction and health.

1.    Agriculture
2.    Livestock
3.    Poultry
4.    Swine Production
5.    Aquaculture
6.    Environment
7.    Industrial Use
8.    Domestic Use
IMPORTANT: Remember that EM•1® needs to be activated as ALL applications of EM™ is based on Activated EM•1®

"An ideal agricultural system when the human health is improved and maintained, benefits the producers and consumers economically and spiritually, protect the environment and produce sufficient food for the growing world population." Dr. Teruo Higa

EM Technology™ is economically feasible, safe, easy to use, of high quality and produce sustainable results en the control of bad odors, good hygene, waste management, the reduction of cost and the increase in productivity of the different productive activities.

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