EMTECSA (Biotecnología para el desarrollo) - GUATEMALA

Address: 10ª Av. 2-90 Colonia Rivera del Río, San Miguel Petapa, Guatemala, Guatemala
Tel: +(502) 6629 0793

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Contact: Juan Arturo Amarra Ruiz
Tel: +(502) 5018-6251
Address: Casa # 20, Sector 13 Sur Condominio los Espárragos, Amatitlán, Guatemala.


Ing. Herberth Aguirre O.

Tel: +(502) 4551-7367 y +(502) 4988-3989

Address: 2ª. Av. A 35-27 Colonia El Carmen, Zona 12, Ciudad de Guatemala

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Welcome to the official portal of EM Technology™ in Latin America.

".. if EM™ is made naturally as time passes just as the air and water. In other words, if we practice our life style base on the use of EM™ in all aspects of our lives, we will inevitably "Leave a clean planet for our children and grandchildren"."

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