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Thanks for visiting us. Our society is now experiencing rapid economic growth and a range of associated environmental challenges that affects the quality of life of the present generation and as well compromises that of the future. By providing secure, low cost, convenient and high quality information, our group throughout the EM Technology
TM world, is working with partners all over Latin America to face the environmental challenges and provide sustainable development to our society on an environment of coexistence and co-prosperity. 

This website provides tools for you to interact with us and with our partners and clients around Latin America. It also provides information about our activities with the EM TechnologyTM , the different products and the main applications that drive us to believe that it is possible to face the present environmental challenges while keeping the highest economical levels of production without compromising the future generations. We hope that it is a valuable resource for people seeking motivation and inspirations for a better World.

If you have any questions or comments related to the EM Technology
, our activities and about this website, please contact us.

Kindest Regards,
Cid Simões
Ambiem Ltda.


"A sustainable society based on co-existence and co-prosperity, quality information, security, convenience, low cost and high quality." (Dr. Teruo Higa)

Welcome to the official portal of EM Technology™ in Latin America.

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