Complementary Information


EM•1® is:

•    Non-poisonous.
•    Non radio-active.
•    Non-corrosive.
•    Non volatile
•    Non inflammable.
•    Does not have a quarantine period.
•    Biodegradable
•    Safe for human, animal and plant health and for the environment.

Not recommended for human consumption.


EM Technology™ is economically feasible, safe, easy to use, of high quality and produce sustainable results en the control of bad odors, good hygene, waste management, the reduction of cost and the increase in productivity of the different productive activities.

".. if EM™ is made naturally as time passes just as the air and water. In other words, if we practice our life style base on the use of EM™ in all aspects of our lives, we will inevitably "Leave a clean planet for our children and grandchildren"."

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