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Our companies, Desarrollo Integral Ambiental (DIA) of Mexico, Belize Agro-Enterprise Ltd (BAEL) of Belize, EMTEC S.A of Guatemala, BIOEM SAC of Peru, AMBIEM Ltd of Brazil and EM Producción y Tecnología S.A (EMPROTEC) of Costa Rica, EM Japan Technology Argentina S.A. (EMJTA) of Argentina, BIOPUNTO of Chile, as well the organizations AGEARTH - Ecuador, Estación Experimental Agropecuaria para la Introducción de Tecnologías Apropiadas de Japón (EEAITAJ) of Uruguay and the Fundación de Asesorías para el Sector Rural (FUNDASES) of Colombia are official representatives of EMRO within these Latin American Countries. We are an organized group with a mision to help develope a sustainable society that is based on the coexistence and co-prosperity of quality and safe information, convenience, low cost and high quality products, constant commitment with the natural environment and future generations.

Our principal objectives is to spread EM Technology™ in all of Latin America and by means of this site, we look to unify the available information to those interested in knowing about the EM Technology™. To achieve this, we count on the unconditional support of Dr. Teruo Higa, discoverer and creator of EM•1® and EM Research Organization Inc (EMRO) located in Japan along with its Latin American office located in a near future in the United States.

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"An ideal agricultural system when the human health is improved and maintained, benefits the producers and consumers economically and spiritually, protect the environment and produce sufficient food for the growing world population." Dr. Teruo Higa

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